I. n
an unpleasant person (of either sex, but more often male). The word often implies unfair or cruel behaviour on the part of the person described.
I'm sorry I was such a sod to you.
an individual. Like bugger, the term is used when referring to someone with pity, irony or mild contempt.
► 'And that was another coincidence be-cause he was the bloke I'd met earlier in the boozer, so I gave him my last £20 note because I thought, poor sod, he'll soon be dead.' (William Donaldson, Independent, 26 August 1989)
a nuisance or annoyance
That lid's a real sod to get off.
a sodomite. The original sense of the word is almost never heard in current English, it was last used in this way in the early 1960s. (The inhabitants of Sodom were, according to the book of Genesis, guilty of unnatural sexual practices.)
II. vb
the verb usually occurs as part of exple-tives such as 'sod you!' (indicating indif-ference, rejection, etc.) or 'sod it!' (indicating irritation or anger). Unlike its synonym bugger, the word is not used to mean sodomise.

Contemporary slang . 2014.


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